10 Reasons your Parent May Need Assisted Living
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There comes a point when, due to illness or age, your loved one might require assistance in helping them perform routine activities. This sometimes means they may need the added level of care a facility equipped with the amenities and trained staff can provide. A common question families ask is “How do I know I’m making the right decision?”

And while there is no perfect way knowing, below are some signs that have helped other families identify if assisted living was right for their loved one.

  • If your loved one is frequently falling and especially having issues with balance.
  • If your loved one experiences the first stages of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Noticing that your loved one has shown signs of declining hygiene.
  • Your loved one may be showing shifts in behavior, such as depression.
  • Their living space is not as clean as usual and show no signs of improvement.
  • They express concern about their personal safety in the home, namely from accidents or worry that if they needed help they would not be able to get it quickly.
  • Your loved one has shown great difficulty taking their medications when they are supposed to.
  • If they are isolated and do not leave the house for extended periods of time.
  • Your loved one is unable to manage their financial responsibilities, such as bills, in a timely manner.
  • You and your family find yourselves unable to care for your loved one fully.