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LGBTQIA older adults face unique and tough circumstances. Facing discrimination, challenges with isolation and finances, dealing with health disparities that stem from historical and social contexts, childlessness (and/or lack the resources to support one’s child) and support of care as they age are all demanding circumstances that this particular group struggles with as they age. The allocation of resources and services for the LGBTQIA population has been forgotten for years, but recently there have been initiatives and coalitions that are collaborating on action plans with services and resources to help this community all the while knowingly that there is a lot of work to be done. 

In a 2018 national study, LGBTQIA older adults facing aging and health issues have been neglected by services, policies, and research. There is limited data and research on this subpopulation due to distrust and fear in accessing or disclosing sensitive information to government or institutionalized programs and projects. This disportionately affects the entire LGBTQIA population based on access and options to healthcare and social services that can be better catered or structured for their needs. Additionally, LGBTQIA older adults are still fighting to be recognized as an medically underserved population to help with funding, eligibility, and gain services that they currently  access to primary healthcare services. 

Now, LGBTQIA older adults are creating their own communities to increase socialization, support systems, and safe spaces. Senior retirement communities are being built by some LGBTQIA members to meet their needs. The most commonly cited services needed from the LGBTQIA older adults are senior housing, transportation, legal services, food accessibility, support groups and social events. 

We at WellPath Partners have compiled a list of resources offered at the national to local levels (Long Beach, CA) for LGTQIA older adults and allies to have and share. 

National level: 

The LGBT Aging Center 

American Society of Aging

Justice in Aging 

State level (CA): 

California LGBTQ Health and Human Services Network 

California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform 

Avenidas without Walls 

Graying California

Equality California 

County Level (Los Angeles):

Los Angeles LGBTQ Center 

Affordable Living for the Aging 

AIDS Project of Los Angeles 

Local level (Long Beach): 

Heart of Ida

The LGBTQ Center 

Long Beach Gray Panthers 

If there are any specific resources that you or an elderly loved one are still in search of or in need of further assistance with, please don’t hesitate to contact us for help!

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By: Hilda Huambachano

Placement Coordinator at WellPath Partners

B.S. in Health Science & Biology at San Diego State University 

MPH Candidate at California State University, Long Beach

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