Adult Daycare for Seniors

Adult day service centers are for adults that need more supervision due to their physical limitations or cognitive impairments. Adult day services operate during normal work hours. Some centers may vary in their programs and services but most offer recreation, meals, and social activities that are appropriate for the participants.. 

Benefits for Individual and Family 

Programs offered by these service centers can encourage an elderly loved one to socialize with others as well as participate in supervised activities that might improve daily living skills. Beyond providing social opportunities, an adult day service can also serve as a safe and familiar place for a loved one to receive health services. Additionally, an adult day service might delay or even prevent an elderly loved one from needing to move to a long-term residential care facility.  It can also provide relief during the day to friends or family caregivers. This can possibly enable families to care for an elderly loved one at home for longer.

How to locate an Adult Day Care Center

To locate an adult day service center in California use this website. If you need to find a location outside of the state please look into your state’s department of aging for more information or please contact us. 

These adult day service centers vary in pricing. Payment can be out of pocket (private pay) or paid through other sources such as Medicare if the participant is eligible.

Don’t forget to do your research when finding the best adult day care center for your loved one. 

Some things to consider when searching for an adult day service center are: 

  • Does the building layout look safe? Is the location at a manageable distance?  Do they offer transportation?
  • What are the center’s operation hours, rules, and regulations? Are they flexible with late arrivals and pick ups?
  • What’s the ratio of staff? Make sure the staff is not overwhelmed by the number of participants they need to supervise. 
  • Do they cater to a specific culture? If your loved one may feel more comfortable with a community that speaks the same language as them, this may be a huge factor when choosing.
  • Check for their licensing and certifications. 
  • Check what services they provide and if they align with the services your loved one requires. 

If you or your elderly loved one is in need of further assistance, WellPath Partners offers many 

different resources for seniors and their family members. WellPath Partners is your senior resource guide. Please follow us on all social media platforms and join us weekly for more content on senior health and wellness discussions. 

By: Hilda Huambachano

Placement Coordinator at WellPath Partners

B.S. in Health Science & Biology at San Diego State University 

MPH Candidate at California State University, Long Beach

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