Guidance for Seniors with a Post-surgery Recovery Plan

The best way to prepare for a post-surgery recovery is to plan in advance. Please consult with a health-care provider for any details that may be specific to your situation. Here are some tips on how to better prepare for post-surgery: 

Managing family, work and pet care routines

  • Advise family, friends and even your employer months before the surgery to ensure you will have enough help and time off to have a more restful recovery time. 
  • Ask for help with tasks that family, friends, and coworkers can do pre/post-surgery, even if it means a simple check in.
  • With pets, buy food in bulk and make sure they have enough toys to keep them entertained. Ask family or friends to stop by to help with feeding, walks or play time

Managing home tasks

  • Make a cleaning schedule that includes tasks that can be managed with the help of others. Buy or replenish cleaning supplies or products. 
  • Make a meal plan that can be outsourced and managed by family and/or friends, or prepare meals that are stored in the freezer for reheating and consumption. Stock the refrigerator and pantry beforehand. 

Managing self care

  • Buy some favorite snacks, books, and other personal items to help with the recovery and comfortability.
  • Prepare extra linens, towels, and washcloths in case of an emergency and have them near the bed. 
  • Prepare outfits and wash extra clothing items that are loose fitting and comfortable to wear. 
  • The following item should help with comfort with self care: 
    • Commode or raised toilet seat
    • Hand-held shower head
    • Shower seat
    • Walker, cane, or other assistive walking device 
    • Chair cushion
    • Shoehorn
    • Long-handled sponge for bathing and showering 
    • Electronic devices and chargers
  • Buy any medical materials and supplies like gloves and a first aid kit if needed for others to help with personal care. 

If you or know of someone that lives by themself and can only get minimal help or assistance please contact us. We at WellPath Partners can help with accomodations with home care agencies for caregiving services or help with placement at an Assisted Living community.

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By: Hilda Huambachano

Placement Coordinator at WellPath Partners

B.S. in Health Science & Biology at San Diego State University 

MPH Candidate at California State University, Long Beach

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