WellPath Knows that Every Person is Unique

Each person is unique and needs a personalized care plan made just for them

All her life Michiko had been an independent and strong woman. After emigrating from Japan in the 1940s, she and her family made their home in Sacramento. Now widowed, she continued to live with her oldest son and his family. On her 91st birthday, her family became concerned with her increasing confusion and forgetfulness. Finally, it came to a point where her dementia was taking an emotional and physical toll on those around her – her son decided she needed more assistance than he could provide and contacted WellPath Partners.

Finally, it came to a point where her dementia was taking an emotional and physical toll on those around her.

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A WellPath Advocate quickly developed a personalized Care Plan for Michiko

Due to her doctor deeming her to have capacity, this included an Estate Plan for her possessions. Although Michiko was not extremely wealthy, this was a vital step to avoid costly legal fees later down the road. A WellPath Advocate explained to the family how a care plan helps avoid probate which can be an expensive and lengthy process. Next, WellPath provided a number of memory care options that fit Michiko’s finances and would accommodate her increasing needs as her dementia progresses. Most importantly, an experienced WellPath Advocate helped her family carefully walk through the process of selecting a memory care. In addition to skilled nursing care, a memory care also helped Michiko with her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) including bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, medication intake, and maneuverability.

Developing a care plan was vital to finding the right memory care

That would provide for all of Michiko’s health needs. After moving into her new home, Michiko became friends with several other residents and her family felt confident that she would be kept comfortable and cared for.