How to Keep Your Parents Independent at Home

As our parents age

They may find themselves unable perform once-easy tasks and may begin to require the assistance of others. Due to cost, pride, or a lack of need, many seniors are reluctant to enter a nursing home or assisted living community.

While working with seniors, the main reason we have found for not entering a senior community is that most individuals want to retain their independence and feel most comfortable in their own home. Enjoying your golden years at home however, takes effort and determination so that their emotional and physical needs are met.

WellPath Partners
WellPath Partners

Here are some ways families we work with have helped the ones they love maintain independence and quality of life:

Be organized:

Make a list of your parent’s caregivers, physicians, etc. and keep all their contact information in one place just case they need to be reached. Being disorganized can often be a source of stress and unease for seniors.

Home Safety:

Look at their home through their perspective and ensure that your loved one is comfortable in moving about the house. Remodel their home to promote safety, such as adding hand-rails, lower shelves, or home security systems. It’s easy to forget that we tend to shrink as we get older and just a few inches in height can make a huge difference.


Plan out home delivery services medication and perhaps food to reduce the need for them to drive.


Provide your loved one with a personal emergency response system (PERS), so they can call for help if they experience an emergency.

Arrange Trips:

Help arrange trips and activities for your loved one so they do not feel isolated and they remain social. Remember, social activities are essential for stimulating their mental health.

Get Help, if Needed:

If your loved one is unable to perform their daily activities, consider hiring an in-home care professional to help them with daily activities and errands.

Being prepared and offering your assistance may make the difference for your loved one to live a long and independent life.