Retirement Options can be Overwhelming


Walter and Margie were both 64 years old and were getting ready to retire. As time went on, both realized that the large two-story house they lived in wouldn’t be practical in the coming years and looked to downsize by moving into an Independent Living Community.

Walter and Margie began their search but quickly became overwhelmed with the variety of Independent Living options and were afraid they were making the wrong choice with their fixed incomes. They were filled with questions on the different communities and how to best use their savings. Brochures and well-meaning advice from friends only added to their confusion.

There were so many types of communities and they had many questions such as: What’s the difference between senior communities? What do independent living communities provide? How does the rental agreements work?

WellPath Partners

Finally, they decided to contact WellPath Partners

WellPath Partners put their minds at ease by clearly explaining the three types of Independent Living Communities – Continued Care Retirement Communities, Senior Apartments, and Retirement Communities. After carefully, interviewing the couple, a WellPath Advocate suggested a Continued Care Retirement Community as the best fit for Margie’s health needs and ensure that she would have the care available to her in the future.

The next step was to develop a plan on how to afford their retirement

WellPath helped Walter and Margie establish an annuity option to provide a steady income stream for life. After touring several Continued Care Retirement Communities, they were ready to sell their home and make the move. WellPath referred a real estate agent and a moving company to assist the couple. Soon they were able to make a swift transition into their new home feeling optimistic about their future.