Ten Reasons Your Parent May Need Senior Care
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When an elderly parent begins to exhibits signs of illness or an inability to manage their household due, their loved ones might already be thinking about nursing homes and long-term care.

The truth is, your parent may not yet need full nursing home care. In fact, many seniors are still able to live independently, all they need is assistance with daily activities and management of other health related duties. In-home senior care offers an alternative.

In-home care includes a set of non-medical services that specialize in assisting seniors with day-to-day activities such as bathing, dressing, as well as running errands and yard work. In-home care gives family members peace of mind with the knowledge that their loved one is being properly cared for in their own homes.

If your loved one is experiencing difficulties with performing their daily activities, but is healthy enough to not need constant medical attention, in-home care might be the best option. Here are some ways to find determine if your parent is in need of in-home senior care.
1. If you notice a change in hygiene and infrequent bathing.
2. If your loved one is confused about their medication and prescriptions.
3. If you notice that they are especially forgetful and disoriented at times.
4. Your loved one’s home is constantly untidy and unclean.
5. If your loved one has constant mood swings and has an unusually bad temperament.
6. If they experience fluctuating moods and bouts of confusion.
7. Your loved one exhibits uncertainty in daily tasks and activities.
8. They have trouble with balance, walking, and getting up.
9. If your loved one is missing important appointments, there are unpaid bill payments, and regularly unopened mail.
10. If your loved one appears malnourished.
Ultimately, you and your family are the best judge of your loved one’s abilities. If they are acting strangely and out of the ordinary, it may mean that further observation is necessary to avoid further deterioration of their health.