What Questions Should I Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home?

As our loved ones require more care

There may come a time when they will need a nursing home. After you’ve asked for referrals from friends and researched your options, the most important step looms ahead: touring the facility.

Touring the facility will give you the opportunity to evaluate the atmosphere of the nursing, check out the programs available for your loved one, and see how nurses and residents interact with one another. While you tour the facility, the best thing to do is to ask as many questions as you can.

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Here are some useful questions to help you decide if this nursing home is the best choice for your loved one:

Types of Care
  • What types of care are offered?
  • Is the facility certified by Medicaid and Medicare? Is the facility licensed in your State?
  • May I see your state inspection survey results?
Nursing Facility
  • What is the average length of stay?
  • Is there a waiting list? If so, how long may it take to be accepted and admitted?
  • How many homes/units are there?
  • Are there general visiting hours, or residence specific?
  • How many beds do you have?
  • Are the exterior doors locked?
  • What security measures are in place to keep my loved one from wandering outside?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Is there a secure area for my loved one to go outside on his own?

WellPath Partners has worked extensively with nursing homes across Southern California and we are happy to share our insights on nursing homes, please contact a care advisor today and see what we have to offer.